The Story of Munchie

By Santas Anonymous December 17, 2015

To the New Owner of Munchie…

In the mid 1980s we moved from Edmonton to Calgary where our 21 year-old son found a job working at the Co-op Store. While attending a Co-op function, he won a door prize – a huge orange-coloured stuffed animal. Our son soon realized that this stuffed “animal’ was the logo for the Hostess Potato Chip Company.  Consequently our son named it Munchie.  As Munchie didn’t seem to serve any purpose, our son pulled a T-shirt over Munchie’s head and proceeded to adorn the shirt with pins collected during the 1988 Winter Olympics.

When we all moved back to Edmonton in 1989, Munchie moved back with us.  Our son acquired a job with Canadian Helicopters as a Maintenance Engineer and was able to purchase a small home for himself.  So Munchie moved to our son’s home, and our son continued to purchase pins from the various places where he worked or visited.  Munchie’s T-Shirt was becoming covered with pins.

When our son was killed tragically in 1995, Munchie came to live with us.  For the past 18 years we have carried on the tradition of buying pins for Munchie.  Even family and friends became involved, and Munchie had pins from as far away as Australia and parts of Europe!

In 2014 my husband and I decided to downsize, sell the house and move to a condo.  As I painstakingly sorted through years of accumulated stuff, I had to make the decision……….what to do with Munchie?  I took off the pins and T-shirt and put the pins in a special box for safe keeping.  But still what do we do with Munchie?  Our grandsons were too old for a stuffed animal and our condo did not have the space.

I heard about  a church rummage sale at Holy Trinity Anglican Church.  I kept telling myself that it was for a good cause.  So with a heavy heart, I took Munchie to a Church rummage sale where I hoped he would find a good home!

On Saturday, December 5, 2015, my husband attended the Oil Kings “Teddy Bear Toss” hockey game at Rexall Place.  As he tossed his teddy bear onto the ice, he noticed a man about to toss a huge orange coloured stuffed animal onto the ice.  My husband couldn’t believe his eyes….the animal had to be Munchie!  So he asked the gentleman where he got the animal.  He told my husband that it was given to him, but he was very sure that it had been purchased from a rummage or garage sale.

So Munchie was tossed onto the ice and once more we hoped that he would find a good home!  The previous Owners hope you love and enjoy Munchie as we did!