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Christopher’s Toy Review
December 11, 2014

My favourite toy is the Discovery Kids Camer. You can take lots of pictures and videos. You can also watch the videos after you take them. It costs about $15.

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Littlest Pet Shop
Reese’s Christmas Toy Wish
December 6, 2014

My favorite toy for Christmas is bay blades. I like it because it spins fast. For Christmas I like Littlest Pet Shop. I like lip balm because it helps my lips and a bike.

ThereseĀ  – Grade 1

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Madison’s Favourite Toy
November 25, 2014

My favourite toy is a Loving Family play set. It comes with the family and house. You can buy mini play sets for it and add it to the house. You can get it at Walmart or Toys ‘R’ Us. My sister got it for me and my little sister for Christmas. It doesn’t need batteries.

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