The Story of Munchie
December 17, 2015

To the New Owner of Munchie…

In the mid 1980s we moved from Edmonton to Calgary where our 21 year-old son found a job working at the Co-op Store. While attending a Co-op function, he won a door prize – a huge orange-coloured stuffed animal. Our son soon realized th

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Delivery Day Memories
December 15, 2014

When my 3 kids were in early elementary school, we tried to instill the message of giving as an important part of the Christmas spirit, so one year we lined up in the cold and waited an hour to receive toys to deliver. Ched Santas Anonymous had so many volunteers that w

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Christopher's Toy Review
December 11, 2014

My favourite toy is the Discovery Kids Camer. You can take lots of pictures and videos. You can also watch the videos after you take them. It costs about $15.

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