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Lego – A Great Gift
November 29, 2013

What is the one toy that pretty much every person in the entire world recognizes? That’s right: Lego!

Lego has been around since 1932, and although the designs and themes have evolved since then, the basic brick has never needed an update. A member of the Toy Hall

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Giant Pegboard
November 21, 2013

Our classic, two-sided and award-winning pre-math and pre-reading toy just got better! Side one features a pegboard for sorting, stacking, counting, and matching the 25 easy-to-grasp pegs of various sizes and colors; the flip side features a raised peg geoboard for crea

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Tupperware Shape-O-Toy
November 12, 2013

My childhood was filled with dozens of toys. Most of them I played with for only a few hours then forgot all about them. But there is one toy that stood out for me: the Tupperware Shape-O-Toy. You know what I’m talking about. That red and blue ball with the handle that

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Boogie Board
November 5, 2013

Remember how cool, and at the same time frustrating, the old Etch-A-Sketch toys were?  You could draw, and you were not limited by lack of paper or pencil. However, you could only make square or rectangular pictures with the awkward knobs, and if you hit a bump or your

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